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IEEE SENSORS 2018 Yoga Class

Precautions to note before starting yoga

Avoid Heavy Meals

Practicing yoga can be uncomfortable with a full stomach. This is one of the important precautions to note before starting yoga. It is recommended that you start your practice 1 hour after a cup of coffee. If that is inconvenient, start your practice at least 2 hours after 3 hours after lunch. 


Ensure you pick only clothes that make you free and comfortable and poses little or no hindrance. Skintight clothes often limit movement and may result in injuries during practice. Preferably, select cotton materials which will allow free flow of air and sweat absorption. Also, take off spectacles, wristwatches or any jewelry.


The atmosphere has to be silent. Turning on soft music is also not a bad idea. The serenity will enhance breathing and concentration. Noise prevents you from connecting to your inner mind and body, reducing cognizance of its basic needs.

Ensure you are properly hydrated

To prevent cramps during exercise, keep your body sufficiently hydrated. Often, two glass of water 15minutes before starting the exercise often does the trick.

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